Antique Car Museum
Highway 82
Carrollton, MS 38917
(662) 237-9301
Features: (No website) This has many antique cars and antique memorabilia. Some of the cars have been in movies, such as "My Dog Skip."

Mike Brown Racing & Classic Car Museum
Routes 306 and 109
Iuka, MS 38852
(662) 424-3343
Features: A display of restored classic antique automobiles. Some unusual items: a 1936 Auburn Boatail Speedster, the '84 Pontiac Richard Petty drove to his 200th NASCAR win, Indianapolis 500 and NASCAR pace cars, and a 1920 Ford Model A.

Tupelo Automobile Museum
Otis Boulevard
Tupelo, MS
(662) 842-4242

Features: Featured are 120,000 square feet of automobile displays and open viewing restoration bays. More than 100 antique, classic and collectible automobiles are chronologically displayed, beginning with an 1886 Benz and ending with a never-driven 1994 Dodge Viper. Also on view is a Lincoln once owned by Tupelo native Elvis Presley. Elvis was known for giving cars as gifts. The 1976 Lincoln Mark IV on display (seen here) was given to Jerry Kennedy, captain of the Denver Police Vice and Drug Control Bureau, who was in charge of security for Elvis when he appeared in Denver. Elvis purchased the care for $13,386.69 and gave it to the police official.

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