Douglas Railroad Museum
City Hall
101 North 4th Street
Douglas, WY 82633
(307) 358-3462
Features: In addition to lots of rolling stock, from engines to box cars of all designs, the collection boasts a Fairmont Model M-19 motor car used in the rail yard. It originally was owned by the Union Pacific Railroad, then became a track inspection car for the Colorado & Southern Railroad. It was transferred by the state to the City of Douglas in 1993.

Wyoming Classic Cars
645 Black Widow Road
Casper, WY
(307) 472-0269
Features: More than 1,550 cars are in this pastureland that serves as a sort of informal auto salvage facility cum museum, with 950 Chevrolets and 400 Pontiacs among them.

Yellowstone National Park
Montana, Wyoming and Idaho
(307) 344-7381
Features: A collection of 30 horse-drawn and motorized vehicles is on display in the three-0state park's heritage and research center in Gardiner, MT. It ranges from stagecoaches operated by the park to the first car -- a Ford Model T -- allowed in Yellowstone. Also, a 1927 Model 51 service truck with a winch that was used to help stranded motorists in the park.

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